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Unlock Your Full Potential and Take Your Listings and Sales to The Next Level

With our time-tested, easy to implement, proven, systems and strategies, designed to grow your business. Fast!

Unlock Your Full Potential and Take Your Listings and Sales to The Next Level

With our time-tested, easy to implement, proven, systems and strategies, designed to grow your business. Fast!

We’ve Worked With Agents From These Leading Brands
Message From Coach Darren

If you’re a Real Estate Sales Agent or a Real Estate Newbie, tired of not earning the money you know you have the talent and ability to earn, then you’ve come to the right place to seek all the help you desire, to List more and Sell more Real Estate.

At SalesBreakthrough, we’ll also assist you to dominate and differentiate yourself from the competition in your marketplace. Join Now, from as little as a few dollars per day!

The Program…
8 Full Day – Live Group Coaching Sessions at the Colmslie Hotel at Morningside in Brisbane.  (2 Days back-to-back once per Quarter – Sunday and Monday).
8 Evening Webinars.
Private Facebook Group
Every Group Coaching Participant will receive 1 x “One-on-One” 1 Hour Personalized Coaching Session with Darren M. Giles, Sales Performance Coach.
Occasional Guest Speakers at the Live Events (Depending on Availability).
Networking Opportunities available to increase your Circle of Influence and collaborate with Industry Colleagues and Specialists.
Real Estate Training Darren Giles
Program Highlights! What we’ll be covering…

We’ll look at the reason you do what you do. What makes you unique in your market place. What DRIVES you and what keeps you going when times get a little tough.

We’ll teach you how to define your Goals to ensure you have the best chance of achieving them, along with the top five reasons why agents fail when it comes to Goal Setting. Together with this we’ll explore the difference between KPI’s & KPT’s and why this is vital to your success.

We’ll assist you in setting up your Ideal Daily and Weekly Plan, which will see you stress less, give you back valuable time, list more, sell more and maximise your PIPELINE opportunities.

You will discover how a simple, well-structured, tailor-made Prospecting and Personal Marketing Plan will see you lock in more appraisals and more listing opportunities than you could ever possibly imagine. You’ll never be short of business again. We’ll GIVE YOU the letters, flyers, templates etc. to use in your area of influence. What could be easier!

We’ll share with you the three key fundamentals to the simplest Business Plan you’ve ever seen and why everything you’ve LEARNT in the past about establishing a business plan, can be forgotten.

As part of our group planning session you’ll know exactly what your key focus outcomes will be for the next 12 months. You’ll uncover the TASKS and objectives you need to prioritize immediately, to ensure quick success from your market place and earn some ‘fast money’.

We’ll role-play and share with you the essential scripts and dialogues needed to build your pipeline AND bring in plenty of new Listings on a consistent basis. We’ll coach you live, on exactly what to say and when to say it, for real impact.

If you’ve ever been asked to reduce your commission at a Listing Presentation, we’ll demonstrate in real time how you can, not only protect your fee, but NEGOTIATE a higher commission.

You will discover the 12 Point Success Plan that will ensure you move from Ordinary to Extraordinary EFFORTLESSLY, without putting in any more time and effort.

We’ll share with you the contents of a first-class Pre-Listing Kit and help you to understand why this is the CRITICAL success component to you winning Listings in your market place.

Clear your mind and forget everything you’ve ever been told about the Listing Presentation, as we unpack the number ONE mistake the vast majority of agents continue to make, because they don’t truly understand when the Listing Presentation actually starts. Nail this and watch your appraisal-to-list ratio go through the roof. This one TACTIC alone will provide a substantial increase to your bottom line.

You’ll be both shocked and amazed when we share with you where MOST agents are leaking like a sieve and leaving tens of thousands of dollars on the table daily, without even stopping to realize the far-reaching impact.

If you’ve EVER wanted to become a household name in your area, we’ll teach you the exact steps and strategies involved in dominating your market place for HUGE success. We’ll even share with you the perfect amount of touch points to have with your farm area and database.

Discover the winning FORMULA to selling Vendor Paid Advertising by truly believing in it and then selling the ultimate benefits with the use of impactful Case Studies. We’ll help you to develop your own selling blueprint!

Your Coach will share with you his very own best-in-class vendor communication and management strategy that will FAST-TRACK your success, lower your days on market, increase your hourly pay rate, and afford you abundant market place opportunities. This strategy will ensure your clients’ expectations are overwhelmingly exceeded.

Finally…if you’d love to build a team to grow and scale your business and enjoy your SalesBreakthrough, then we’ll happily share with you, the EXACT steps and strategies involved. You’ll learn what it truly takes to continue taking your business to new heights, while preparing to smash through your glass ceiling and/or your previous best.

Program Dates…
July Webinar – Wednesday 14th July 2021:  7pm – 8pm.
August Live Group Coaching Sessions – Sunday 15th & Monday 16th August 2021:  8.30am – 6pm both days.
September Webinar – Wednesday 15th September 2021: 7pm – 8pm.
October Webinar – Wednesday 13th October 2021:  7pm – 8pm.
November Live Group Coaching Sessions – Sunday 14th & Monday 15th November 2021:  8.30am – 6pm both days.
December Webinar – Wednesday 15th December 2021:  7pm – 8pm.
January Webinar – Wednesday 12th January 2022:  7pm – 8pm.
February Live Group Coaching Sessions – Sunday 13th & Monday 14th February 2022:  8.30am – 6pm both days.
March Webinar – Wednesday 16th March 2022:  7pm – 8pm.
April Webinar – Wednesday 13th April 2022:  7pm – 8pm.
May Live Group Coaching Sessions – Sunday 15th & Monday 16th May 2022:  8.30am – 6pm both days.
June Webinar – Wednesday 15th June 2022:  7pm – 8pm.
Program Investment…

Please complete and submit the form below and we will be in touch shortly.

Your Investment
$97per month (inclusive of GST)

Commences: Wednesday 14th July 2021
(Limited Places Available)

Program Administration and Joining Fee (Once-Off Fee)
$110.00 per person [inclusive of GST]


    Real Estate Coaching Hub - Your Success is Our Goal
    Who is the Program for?
    Real Estate Salespeople & Sales Associates
    Real Estate Agents
    Business Development Managers
    Sales Managers

    If you’re interested and would like to know more, jump across to our Contact Us page and get in touch, as we’d love to chat with you.

    To secure your place in the program, click here to Join Now and we will be in touch with your next steps.

    It’s important to remember that this is Group Coaching and not One-on-One Coaching.  However there will be plenty of opportunity to ask personal questions both on the Webinars and at the Live Events.

    We’d love you to join us at SalesBreakthrough! You’ll have a tonne of fun and walk away with the Formula to Success in Real Estate!

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